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Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction, now available in English

Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction is now available in its English version. This anthology was published in Spanish in December last year and has now been translated into English by Sue Burke and Lawrence Schimel. It includes six stories by authors from Argentina, Cuba and Spain and an essay on Spanish science fiction by the editor, Mariano Villarreal. The astonishing cover illustration is a work by Ángel Benito Gastañaga

The ebook edition can be purchased from Amazon (US, UK, ES), Smashwords and the publisher's website (Sportula). In fact, the free sample from Smashwords includes "The Texture of Words" by Felicidad Martínez in its entirety, a wonderful novella that I strongly recommend. The book is also available in a paperback edition that can be purchased from Amazon (US, UK).

These are the synopsis and the table of contents of the book:
Six top Spanish-language authors prove that science fiction remains sharp and visionary, with stories about the deepest anxieties, challenges, and problems of our societies. Their speculations and metaphors analyze and dissect a reality in continuous change. 
  • The Texture of Words, by Felicidad Martínez: women seek to lead despite being blind and dependent, while men fight constant wars.
  • Deirdre, by Lola Robles: in the future, robotics can create made-to-order lovers.
  • Greetings from a Zombie Nation, by Eric J. Mota: a stagnant society turns its citizens into the living dead.
  • Light a Lone Candle, by Victor Conde: social networks want too much and never let go.
  • Bodies, by Juanfran Jiménez: in a globalized and pseudodemocratic Europe, the rich practice sex tourism by means of mind exchange.
  • Memory, by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría: personal relationships and sex roles evolve in radical ways on a terraformed Mars in a relatively near future. 
  • Science Fiction from Spain, by Mariano Villarreal: an essay on Spanish science fiction
You can also read here an interview with Erick J. Mota and, if you read Spanish, my interview with Felicidad Martínez about "The Texture of Words".

Disclaimer: I am a collaborator of the Terra Nova anthologies. 

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  1. I'm really curious about two of the pieces: Mota's (because of the dialect thing) and Villarreal's essay (because of Villarreal's knowledge!).

    I may end up buying it because of this, even thought I have already bought the paperback edition and a digital one in spanish! Now I just need to read it...

    Good luck with this, guys.

  2. We are in a book club in Augusta, Georgia, USA & were thinking about reading it. We wanted our local bookstore to acquire copies, but the owner could not figure out how to order them. How can a bookstore in the USA acquire this book? Talking about the English translation.

  3. Thanks so much for your interest. I have sent an email to the publisher. I will let you know as soon as I have a reply.